COVID - 19

Splendor Omnia post-production studios have taken the following protocol considerations at their Tepoztlán studios in consequence to the WHO and the Mexican government recommendations, with respect to the delicate health situation that has arisen from the Sars-cov-2 virus.



 1. The staff (cooks, maids, coordinators, mixers and colourists) of Splendor Omnia have been fully vaccinated with one of the   brands accepted by the Mexican government and recognised by the WHO against Sars-cov-2.


 1. All interior areas, including bedrooms, are properly sanitised and ventilated every morning (business days) on both hard and soft   surfaces.

 2. Antibacterial gel stations have been installed in all studio rooms and bedrooms.


 3. High capacity air cleaners with HEPA filters and UV-C light have been installed in the mixing and color rooms.

 4. A maximum of 5 people may be at the same time during the mix in the THX room (600m3) and a maximum of 2 people in the rest of   the studio rooms to guarantee the 1.5 meters of distance required between each person. Only one project per room per day will be   admitted.




 1. The mask is mandatory in all interior areas of the studios at all times.

 2. Both the Staff and the client are required to wash their hands before, during and after all sessions of mix and color grading.

 3. Clients are required to check the most recent IMSS reports for areas to which they have traveled in the last 15 days. If the report   shows a community transmission rate of LOW or a vaccination rate of 70% or higher among the adult population of the place,   no special precautions are required. Otherwise, a PCR or antigen test taken 48 hours before your arrival, with a negative result   will be required for your check-in.

 4. The client is suggested to bring enough masks and antibacterial gel to use during their stay.

 5. It is suggested to avoid any skin-to-skin contact like handshakes, or physical contact like touching or exchanging supplies or   equipment.

 6. Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 within the facility will be isolated and relocated until a PCR or antigen test is performed   to ensure the safety of others.


 7. Access will be denied to any visitors with COVID-19 symptoms and could be referred for further medical inspection.


Splendor Omnia undertakes to go to the competent authorities and assist in any case that requires medical attention related to Sars-cov-2 or other physical or psychological affection that occurs within the facilities of the studios.


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